Traffic Tickets Surging?

Traffic officers are in charge of enforcing driving rules on the roads. In case of violations, they will issue a ticket or, in severe instances, they may prevent the driver from driving further. Violating traffic rules and receiving a ticket are common instances in a large city such as Seattle, but what has caused a surge in recent times?


Due to rampant urbanization and population growth, traffic is increasing in major cities at a very fast rate. With such high car density and constrained road capacity it is almost inevitable to run late for appointments and begin speeding or driving erratically, thus risking a ticket.


There are many types of drivers running around the city. Some drivers are professional and experienced, while others have just received their license; some are safe and alert, while others are reckless and careless. The younger population tends to be the ones breaking traffic rules more often.


Besides improvements of traditional tools used by traffic officers such as speed guns and radar detectors, more and more red-light cameras are being deployed at intersections. Those cameras have been extremely efficient in monitoring and recording traffic violations without human effort.